Sunday, 20 March 2011

Sky Ferreira at Hilfiger Denim Live Amsterdam

Sky Ferreira is part of the Hilfiger Denim "Kids Of America" campaign. Once again Hilfiger Denim live was held in Amsterdam, so she was one the artists performing. As a fan, I couldn't let the chance to actually see her perform slip. So on Thursday me and my friend took the train to Amsterdam. With a huge delay(damn you NS) we finally arrived at Paradiso Amsterdam around 10.30. Still on time to see Sky, for she would be performing at 1.15.

She started with Traces from her upcoming EP "As If!". After that 17, then another song from the EP called "108"(see video below). Then she decided to sing acapella because there wasn't a track and she didn't have a keyboard. She covered Christina Aquilera's "You Lost Me". She ended her performance with One. I have to say, I was amazed by her vocals, her voice is really good. You have to hear her live because her amazing voice just can't be recorded.

Sky singing her new song "108"

We were even able to take a picture with her.

Thuy and I were also photographed by Get Your Plane Right On

And you could get your picture taken in style of the Hilfiger Denim campaign.

Thanks to Sky I've had one of the best nights of my life. I really hope she'll be able to come back to The Netherlands one day.

Her debut EP "As If!" will be available in the US on iTunes March 22!