Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Château de Versailles

Château de Versailles

When I arrived at the château, the sun was shining, but there were also big dark clouds in the background. It looked beautiful and quite impressive.

The gold of the entrace gate was blinking in the sun. It looked so beautiful, it can't be captured in a picture.

Ofcourse I had to have a picture of the famous Hall of Mirrors. It was so crowded! I can't describe the feeling I had when I thought about all the people of the French court who had walked here.

State portrait of Marie Antoinette and her children. You see Maria Theresa, Louis Joseph and little Louis Charles. Baby Sophie had been painted lying in the crain, but after her death even before her first birthday, she was painted out of the portrait, leaving the empty crane. After the death of the Dauphin Louis Joseph, Marie Antoinette had it removed because it was too painful for her to look at.

Grand Trianon

There is so much more to see at the estate than the big château. Like the Grand Trianon. The interiors here are beautiful.

The outside of the Grand Trianon is beatiful with its pink marmer.

And the Grand Trianon also has a beautiful garden.

Petit Trianon

The Petit Trianon was built by Louis XV for his mistress Madame De Pompadour, but she died before it was finished. Later, Louis XV's next mistress, Madama Du Barry lived at the Petit Trianon.
When Louis August became king Louis XVI, he gave the Petit Trianon to his wife Marie Antoinette.

Part of a painting of Marie Antoinette dancing at her brother's wedding as a little girl back in Austria. Marie Antoinette liked this painting because it reminded her of her youth in Austria.

I think this is the most famous portrait of Marie Antoinette. And it's so beautiful. I had seen pictures of it before I saw it for real, but trust me, the actual painting is amazing, can't be captured in a picture.

Bust of Marie Antoinette. She was 20 years old here I believe, not sure though.

Le Hameau de la Reine

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