Saturday, 2 October 2010


A new blog, a new start.

I started my previous blog in 2007, when I was 15 years old. Now I'm 18 years old. I have changed into a completely different person, on the other hand I'm still exactly the same. But for months I didn't really feel "at home" at my blog anymore. I felt like I was stuck in the past, while I had already started a new beginning.

I chose the name "18th Century Girl" because of my obsession for things like Versailles, Marie Antoinette, Rococo and Georgiana The Duchess Of Devonshire. I try to put something of the life of the rich and famous back then, the elite, the royalty, the ton, in my everyday life. Sometimes I want to step out of the current, when I can only see the dark lines of the world. I step into my self created world with the romantic visuals of the 18th century. It's like being completely exhausted, then finally going to sleep and wandering off in dreams, so I can awaken with my energy regained.

Here I'll show you bits of that world I have created. I try to create emotions and feelings through photographs, text, music and what not. Here the world is as I want it to be, things go as I want it to go. Through the lens of my camera I try to discover beauty in the smallest things, in this messed up world man has created.

To the readers of this blog: I hope I can give you something to enjoy. Maybe just like me, you can forget your troubles of the day, even if it's only just for one second.


  1. First follower ;D Don't let me down! hihi!

  2. @Leaa
    I definetely wouldn't want to let my first follower down! Thanks for following and commenting (^_^)

  3. are you still into the asian music or has that changed as well? I also missed your music videos. :O Where are they?

  4. @Hiki
    No, I'm not into Asian music anymore. Now listening to pop, rock, indie and electro pop. Artists like Marina And The Diamonds, Owl City, Lights, The Pretty Reckless and the list goes on. Also listen to some French music.
    I stopped with the videos. I'm planning to start writing songs and I'll be taking keyboard lessons at the end of this year. So maybe when I've written something decent I'll upload it to youtube. But if that will happen, it's still gonna take a year or so, 'cause I still have to learn how to play.