Thursday, 10 February 2011

Stepping outside

I'm the kind of person that when it's weekend doesn't leave the house. I've had a whole week of school and being busy and feel as if my head is going to explode. So those two days off I like to spend by myself. Now and then I go to see a friend ofcourse, but I just need my rest now and then.
It's winter, the weather's cold, so I keep to my warm house. But now there's change in weather. The clouds are breaking and the sun is starting to get through. It's still February, but somewhere in the distance, I can see spring coming closer. And after spring, there'll be summer.
I am so looking forward to the summer, I can't even express in words how much.
But well, I'm getting ahead of myself. Summer is still a long way to go. What I'm trying to say is, the sun was shining today, the sky was blue...
I went for a walk in the park.

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