Friday, 16 December 2011

Wishlist 2012

I don't know if making a wishlist is very useful, seen that I ended up not getting anything from the last one I made, but hey, it's fun to make! I also want to use this as a little help for me to try not to buy anything that's not on the wishlist. I am trying hard not to buy new clothes as often as I used to. I had forbidden myself to buy any clothing the last 2 months. I only bought one t-shirt when I was at a concert of The Pretty Reckless. So I think I've done pretty well.

The year is coming to an end, so here is my wishlist for 2012!

The Cobra Shop Furby tee
I LOVE these new t-shirts of the Cobra Shop. They're so cute.

Boy London t-shirt

Boy London cap

LIGHTS Underworld tee

Velvet Dress
The picture is a dress from Topshop and it's the most beautiful one I've ever seen, BUT it costs £95 so I'm probably gonna have to find another one, I really want a velvet dress.

Long (lace) cream/white dress
It's probably my obsession with Cecilia from the novel The Virgin Suicides that makes me wanna walk around in a vintage cut off wedding dress. Or a dress that's so long it touches the ground, like the one Sky is wearing.

And some very pricey things little me wants to have:

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  1. I like your wishlist. Let's hope it will be useful.