Friday, 5 November 2010

Pretty little drawer

I've bought the most adorable little drawer, it is kind of Neoclassicsm style so it's just perfect for my Petit Trainon inspired room.

It just loos like it has only drawers, but the sides can also be openend where you find on each side four little hooks, I used them to put necklaces on. The top can also be openend and there you'll find a mirror. I'm not using the top right now though, because I already have huge mirror in my room.

So I put some decorations on top. Picture of Marie Antoinette and this adorable cup I got.

Close up of Marie Antoinette, wearing a huge court dress and the hair is also very big with the well known ostrich feathers on top.

New cup! This is the most adorable cup I have so far and I have a lot. I just love china with flowers on it, looks so romantic. Should organise a high tea soon with scones, sandwiches, cupcakes and macarons.


  1. oh wauw nu istie nog leuker!

  2. waar heb je die kast gekocht? o: hij is echt mooi

  3. @Anonymous
    Ik weet niet meer zeker of ik 'm nou bij Formido of Praxis heb gekocht, één van de twee. En toen ik hem kocht was het ook nog eens de allerlaatste, ik had echt geluk. Dus ik verwacht niet dat hij nog verkrijgbaar is maar je kan altijd even kijken!