Monday, 4 March 2013

LIGHTS at Dynamo Eindhoven

I saw LIGHTS back in September(wow can't believe so long ago already, feels more like two months ago). She performed at Dynamo Eindhoven. And damn, all the way to Eindhoven is a long train journey, but ofcourse totally worth it!

As soon as I found out LIGHTS was gonna perform in The Netherlands I counted down the days til tickets went on sale. I had been waiting so long for her to come here! I started listening to her music a couple of years ago, when her debut album had just been released. I've played that album, The Listening, over and over again. Then her second album came out and it was even better!

The concert was really good. And I was standing almost front row, so I could get some really great shots. This was kind of the first time for me doing concert photography and oh my god I love doing it so much! I think my photos turned out really good(thanks to my zoom lens, love you forever Nikon). I just kinda kept adjusting the ISO and shutter speed to the lighting.

Here some of my favourite photos. You can view all my photos, in full size, on my flickr.

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