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Sziget festival Budapest 2012

Back to blogging, time for some catching up. Last summer I went to Sziget Festival in Budapest together with Thuy. We went there by plane and stayed in a hotel. Ok, I guess a true festival go'er would sleep in a tent, but I just can't. I wouldn't be able to sleep for a second with all the noise and people around me. I just need my rest and calm or else my head will explode.

Pretty sight from the plane. It might look pretty, but I find travelling by plane horrible. I don't understand how people can travel in comfort by plane. Because as soon as the plane takes off, my head feels like imploding. Horrible headache, eyes start tearing. Thuy had it too. We were both in agony. And it wasn't a direct flight either. We first had to fly to Frankfurt or Munich and then, after waiting for 6 hours, continue our journey. After six hours waiting we finally got rid of our headache, just to get into a plane again and start hell all over. No, I definitely hate flying. I hate airports too. But enough of my nagging.

We spent the first day after we arrived in Budapest, exploring the city. This was the day before the festival started. The weather was hot. We later heard it had been 40 degrees celsius that day. It didn't feel that hot though! We made sure we kept applying sunscreen. Especially my skin gets a sunburn so easily. We found this  refreshing fountain and luckily had our bikinis on. So we took off our dresses and sat in the fountain(no photos of that because I was way too afraid my camera would get wet and die). As you can see we weren't the only people doing this. One fountain full of tourists haha. It was very relaxing.

But now onto the festival. Thuy and I were so lucky. Turns out we were staying at the same hotel as all the Dutch artists that were playing at Sziget. They were super friendly and even gave us backstage passes so we could hang out at the Holland stage, and we did that a lot! I could just dump all my stuff there without the risk of anyone stealing my things. We even got free food and drinks. Though we also bought lots of our own food and drinks. We didn't want to be rude and take free food and drinks all the time, even though they said it was fine. So friendly! Can you believe it?

Some backstage pix! Really, the Holland stage was awesome. It was basically all these different artists jamming together live on stage! Almost everything was improvised! These artists together are called "Jam de la Creme". Music varied from rock to jazz to rap and they mixed it all together.

They were performing EVERY DAY and they started in the afternoon and playing til in the evening. Thuy and me were watching it all from backstage. But at a certain moment, we actually got pushed on stage to dance! The first time was a little bit frightening, but we got over our stage fright soon enough! Later on in the evening we would stand in front of the stage on the speakers dancing. The audience was great.

They would also invite artists from other stages, like the Hungarian stage. This guy is from a Hungarian band and Thuy thought he was super hot so I took this picture for her haha.

Thuy and me backstage. Wearing backstage passes. See we were officially artists at Sziget(kinda).

Thuy and Spike. Yes he is wearing a flag. No idea where he got it but he ran on stage wearing it. Crazy and hilarious.

Holland stage in the evening. The guy behind the keyboard was from some tv show where they were searching for the best singer/songwriter... or something like that. He performed during the day too and there was a camera and all and me and Thuy were like"wtf is this". But his performance was very good! In these pictures he joined Jam de la Creme in the evening.

These pigeons were so cute! So ofcourse I had to take a picture of Thuy with one because ultimate cuteness.

You could even get married at Sziget so Thuy married some random guy. It was pretty hilarious. I didn't get married because I want to be a loner forever, won't even do fake marriage.

While waiting at the main stage for The xx to perform Thuy took some pictures of me. Look what a good girl I am holding two water bottles and no alcohol! But we really didn't drink much at the festival. I was only drunk once which was the very first day when we went to a party on a boat(which was super awesome). At a certain moment Thuy was like "uhhh... Simone... you've had quite a lot to drink you better stop now" and my drunk mind was like "ok if Thuy says I should stop drinking now I will". During the festival we did drink a beer now and then and in the evening when it got colder I had some whisky, but we didn't get drunk. It would be such a waste! Waking up the next day with a hangover and not remembering what you did the day before, no way. The festival was too much fun to get drunk.

The xx! They were amazing! Didn't have my zoom lens with me so I couldn't take very good pictures.

Wanted to have a picture with Beavis and Butthead while wearing my Beavis and Butthead t-shirt.

Sziget festival was definitely one of the best experiences of my life! I really want to go again this year, but I have no one to go with me. So sadly enough, I won't be going this year. I want to go so bad though! The line up is so good already!

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